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Our Climate and Health researchers received several important grants in 2022. Joan Ballester was awarded a “Proof of Concept” grant from the ERC to develop an early warning system for the impact of environmental temperatures on human health. The CATALYSE project, led by ISGlobal, received EU funding to accelerate climate action and protect public health. And we received a Wellcome Trust Digital Award to implement an early warning system for arboviruses (i.e. viruses transmitted by mosquitoes, flies or ticks that feed on blood) in Thailand (ARBOTHAI). This platform is based on the Arbocat platform, which was developed to prevent local arbovirus outbreaks in Catalonia’s 948 municipalities. Regarding the dynamics of dengue infections, we published evidence on waning immunity, with implications for vaccine development and implementation (1).

The year 2022 also saw the publication of the first Lancet Countdown in Europe, co-led by researchers at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) and ISGlobal, on the impact of climate change on public health in European countries (2).

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  2. López L. Epidemics.


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